Pipeline 2 - Project manager for Maya

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Pipeline 3.0.1 is here!

Work like the industry professionals

Pipeline is simple and straight forward tool for managing Maya projects, from simple one-shot animations, through student shorts, to asset beasts like tv series.

Start working smarter and let Pipeline handle all the dirty work, and stay focused on your artwork.

Project organisation

Quickly create and expand your project tree without leaving Maya,

build clean projects with preset or customised folder structure and naming conventions that matches your production needs.

Version control

Pipeline handles the mess of saving of versions, playblast recordings and publishing master files.

Masters are also being versioned, so you can publish with no worries and always roll back to safety.

Team collaboration

Work alone or create a working space for your team.

Assign roles and keep assets safe and critical functions hidden from non admin team members.


[3.0.1 - 2024/ 23.4.2023] Hotfix

  • Maya 2024 Support
  • How much of a coincidence is this that this update is issued exactly a year after the 2023 support 🤩

[3.0.0 - 2023 / 23.4.2022] Hotfix

  • Maya 2023 Support

[3.0.0 / 31.1.2022] Hotfix

  • Maya 2022 Support

[2.8.5 / 21.12.2019] hotfix

  • Maya 2020 Support

[2.8.3 / 22.02.2018] Hotfix

  • [fix] bug when loading project that has no users
  • [fix] cosmetics bug
  • [fix] bug with library trying to populate nothing at startup

[2.8.0 / 21.02.2018]

  • [added] Added new permissions control system
  • [added] Added support for MayaAscii & MayaBinary (on a per task level and even version-master!)
  • [added] Note editor is now more comfortable
  • [added] New CSS with a more responsive feel
  • [added] Add masters origin indicator
  • [fixed] Navigate to current open file on pipeline load is working again
  • [fixed] Load preset from file dialog spontaneously closing or not showing up at all
  • [fixed] Load project dialog spontaneously closing or not showing up at all
  • [fixed] Reload pipeline working again
  • [removed] The file lock system was removed, unfortunately it was causing more pain then assistance

[2.7.0 / 7.10.2017]

  • [added] Multithreaded navigation!
  • [fixed] Library will no do batter work on suggesting hints

[2.6.11 / 23.9.2017]

  • [added] option for 'step' increment when generating categories
  • [added] saving master added an option to not open the file
  • [added] trailing zeros on preset generation
  • [added] option to use '-' for object names
  • [fixed] import action is now preserving references
  • [fixed] bug when closing the dock and trying to call it again throws a 'internal c++ object already deleted'

[2.3.8 / 27.3.2017]

  • [added] Save version script to map to a Hotkey
  • [fixed] Increased stability by keeping track of the main UI instance
  • [fixed] Fixed multiple typo's across the UI 

[2.2.6 / 24.3.2017]

  • [fixed] Playblasts can now handle windows machines with no H.264 installed
  • [fixed] Component with .avi and .mov playblasts were causing exceptions
  • [fixed] Preset generator sliders were limited up to 99
  • [fixed] Add loaded/saved files to Maya's recent file list now working on Windows

[2.2.3 hotfix / 18.3.17]

  • [added] Publishing automations
  • [added] Add saved files to maya's 'recently opened' list
  • [fixed] Project without users dose not get admin privileges
  • [fixed] Fix critical bug when loading maya files with error, this drives the UI crazy sometimes
  • [fixed] Versions table ui issue - missing scrollbar

[2.0.0  / 3.4.17]

  • Dynamic project structure
  • Used defined templates
  • New UI
  • Playblatsts now with master version
  • Project search
  • Category / Components generator
  • New documentation
  • More info at pipeline.nnl.tv

See the newsfeed here


Place the pipeline folder in your maya scripts folder.

Run the following lines in a python tab in the script editor:

import pipeline


OSX / Windows

Maya 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016 ext 2, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 and 2023

Earlier version have not been tested.

  • Maya 2022 & 2023 were not intensively tested, please share bug reports

Visit pipeline.nnl.tv for more information, tutorials and to post feedback.

Visit the documentation for help

Visit the roadmap to vote for bugfixes and feature requests

Email liorbenhorin@gmail.com to report any bugs and to suggest new features

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Pipeline 2 - Project manager for Maya

21 ratings
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